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Skip the inconvenience, uncertainty, and pressure of selling privately. Avoid the headache of post-sale issues. Thinking about the repairs your RV might need before selling it privately? Let East Coast RV's team handle it for you! Selling your RV to us means bypassing the expensive service fees associated with ensuring your RV is in good working order before selling it privately. CALL US  (814) 348-4225 OR FILL OUT THE FORM TODAY!


  • Easy, Hassle-free Experience Selling Your RV
  • Top RV buyer in Central Penn.
  • We Will buy Your RV and Save you Time
  • Guaranteed to Have a Smooth Experience

Need to sell your RV?

Let us help.

Please provide us with photos below.

To better assess the value of your RV we will need multiple photos. While not absolutely necessary, it will help determine the value. Cell phone pictures will work fine. Please take multiple angles both inside and outside.

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